Oxatreat Elite Carbon Fiber Edition

Oxatreat Elite Carbon Fiber Edition

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The Carbon Fiber Elite model heats to 440f in 90 seconds and recovers heat quickly. You can treat in the front or back of hive. This style of vaporizer is great for beeks that have their hives low to the ground or on pallets. This model has larger treatment caps that hold 1 1/2 teaspoons of OA. This makes treating your bees easy - no taking apart your hives to treat! No more burning your bees or risk of fire. All units are fully tested. The outlet tubes heat to over 400 f to ensure no clogging. We also use 1/4" outlet tubes that are stronger and provide a more efficient delivery of OA to the hive.



  • 3d printed PETG Carbon Fiber infused custom case
  • 300 watt band heater
  • Inkbird PID temperature controller

  • 4 treatment caps, each hold 1 1/2 teaspoons of OA

  • 1/4" outlet tube provides extra strength 

  • 120 volt 3 prong plug

  • Stainless steal hardware