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Installing New Bee Packages

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I'm so excited to get my two new bee packages today! I've been thinking a lot about what type of hives to start the new bees in, what type of hive to use, and the method or process to use. Past this, I've also been thinking about what will my bees be like? Will they be happy sweet bees or grumpy mean bees. I'm not too worried since we already have awesome bees from C.F. Koehnen and Sons, and they have been fantastic! Through my extensive research and I've found a lot of information on the areas of consideration and I've already...

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10 Frame vs. 8 Frame Hive Boxes

10 frame 10 frame vs 8 frame hive 8 frame Beehive Beekeeper Beekeeping Bees Beginning Beekeeping

When I started beekeeping I did not realize that one of the most important decisions to make was choosing the size of my hive boxes and I purchased 10 frame boxes since it seemed to be the standard. It is a lot more economical to make this decision in the start of your beekeeping journey due to the time and cost it will take to switch over from on configuration to the other. I wish I had done more research prior to purchasing my equipment because I found a lot of great YouTube videos like the ones over at Vino...

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